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Land Capability Report
Any rural property that is proposed to be subdivided into smaller agricultural unit must have a land capability report to determine their suitability of the soils for any proposed use. This is part of the Department of Planning and Infrastructure requirements.

Hydrological Assessment Report
A hydrological report is required for the water resources of the proposed lot to determine if there is sufficient water to supply the proposed irrigation requirements of the intensive agriculture land units.

Planning Agencies
The Department of Planning and Infrastructure is the main state Government body that evaluates the applications. The local Shire has guidelines from the legislated Town Planning Scheme that requires consideration of the proposal. Private Planning companies have the personnel and expertise to organise the process and provide the application to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

Government Agency Requirements
Local and state Government departments require well presented plans of the proposed subdivision and detailed reports to support the application. Up to 7 copies of the reports must be supplied.

Process of Application
Private Planning Groups will organise the required reports which will include Land Capability and Hydrological reports.
Statuary requirements for the local and state Government agencies.
Reports submitted to DPI – process 90 days for assessment and comments from specialised departments.

Earthworks are required when subdivided properties are developed.


Well presented plans of the proposed subdivision of the property will assist with gaining a successful result.

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