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Property Plan
Large-scale plan (1 : 2000) is required to determine area of property and existing natural features.

Aerial Photos/Contour
The latest colour aerial photography from DOLA is a good option with the contours included. DOLA will provide a quote to supply the requested aerial photo.

Soil Maps
Existing soil maps and land capability maps are required to provide information of the different soil types and their location on the property.

Vegetation – Areas
The aerial photo and the soil and land capability maps will provide existing remnant vegetation areas and the quality of the areas.

Drainage Lines
The aerial photo will provide location of the major and minor drainage lines on the property and whether they are cleared or vegetated.
This will assist with on-property investigation to determine damsites and drainage areas.

Property Location
The Shire locations, nearest town, road access and map references are required to determine the climatic conditions for the property.

Industry Options
Depending on the size and location of the property, the distance to major centres and the natural resources available on the property will depend on what industry options can be documented for the property.

Well detailed plans of the property will help to provide the best possible options for development.

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