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Existing Infrastructure
The existing development on the property will be assessed to determine the sustainable suitability. Options for expansion of existing developments and future improvements will be assessed. These will include natural and developed resources.

Type of Development
Depending on what development option is proposed for the property - subdivision, broad area farming, irrigation of annual or perennial crops, the type of development can be planned and the development managed.

Requirements For Development
The requirements for any development will include a plan, specifications, costings, legal requirements from local or state Government agencies, timing of development, contractors required and labour units available.

Required Input
The owner of the property will need to have a clear idea of the type of development and planning required, budget restraints and management options, markets - local and overseas.

Sub Contractors
There are numerous subcontractors available in the agricultural areas to carry out a range of activities associated with all types of farming developments. The best and most competent contractors will be recommended within the property location.

Property development requires a range of managements which can include perennial crops such as vineyards.


General farming properties are mainly used for the production of sheep and cattle.

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