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Water Quality
Advise on water qualities, collection of samples and arranging Laboratory Testing.

Sub Contractors
List of agricultural subcontractors and their expertise.

Liase with Government Agencies
To propose surface and groundwater development, subdivision proposals and property development.

Salt Land Reclamation
Assess water tables, quality of water, drainage, plant species and government controlling regulations.

Irrigation Design
Advise and provide design systems for flood, sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.

Water Supply Options
Property inspection to assess potential water supply options and the process required to develop the water supply.

Erosion Control
Inspect erosion damage, design remedial works and provide plans and onsite supervision of works.

Water License Application
Assist with appropriate reports for applications to the Water and Rivers Commission to obtain surface and groundwater allocation for the property.

Crop/Pasture/Tree Species
Liase with local agricultural experts and consultants to provide the best crop options for the development of the property.

Water flows require careful management to prevent erosion of channels under peak flow conditions.


Crop options for properties can include plantation development of pines and eucalypts.

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