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Do you require a water supply on your property?

Slade Ag Tech personnel have the expertise to advise on Dam site selection, Type of dam suitable for site, Local and State Government legislation requirements, potential water resources, dam design, tender process and project management.

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Farming properties are generally required to produce optimum yields from proposed or existing crops. This can be severely reduced by the soil profile being saturated from winter rainfall.

A complete drainage design with plans can be produced, and then the drains can be implemented with supervision.

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Hydrological Assessment
Agricultural properties require water resources to operate efficiently. These resources are used for domestic requirements, animal supply, crop irrigation and environmental requirements.

When selling or subdividing a property, detailed Hydrological reports are required to document existing and potential water resources.

This includes surface and groundwater yields.

If you require a Hydrological Assessment for your property, contact us for a more details and a written quote can be supplied for the reports.
Land Capability Assessment

Agricultural properties usually have a range of soil types and land forms that have different potentials for agricultural crops.

Assessment of these and other more detailed factors help to produce a report that documents the potential Land Capability units suitable for annual and perennial crops.

Properties that are proposed to be subdivided require a Land Capability Assessment for each proposed Lot.

If you are planning to sell or subdivide your property and require a Land Capability Assessment, contact us to discuss options and a written quote to supply the reports.

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