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Personal Information
Warren Slade is married with three children, he was born in Queensland and raised on the east coast. Secondary and Tertiary education was completed in Western Australia. He has spent all his working life in Western Australia.

The first 28 years of his working life was spent in the Department of Agriculture as a Technical Officer in the Soil and Water Conservation Branch, Irrigation and Drainage Branch and in the later years as a Landcare Officer in the high rainfall area of the State. The last seven years have included the same areas of work, only as a private Consultant.

Locations Worked In
The places that he has worked include Narrogin and east to the Rabbit Proof Fence for 8 years.
Harvey/Bunbury District including the surrounding areas of Perth and down to Augusta for 4 years.
Busselton District including the west and south coast for 33 years.
Experience in business for 15 years

Areas Of Expertise
The areas of work include:
  • Soil and Water Conservation – Low and High Rainfall
  • Salt Land Reclamation
  • Drainage – surface and subsurface
  • Farm Planning
  • Hydrological and Land Capability Assessments for proposed subdivision of properties
  • Irrigation design for flood, sprinkler and drip
  • Dam Siting and Design
  • Agricultural Project Management
  • Crops, Pasture and Trees

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